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  Winkler&Winkler ? A married couple who has been dedicating a large
part of its leisure time to art for many years.
  Doing photography ? Yes. Pretty much any motif, as long as our mood matches the light.  
  Can photo taking become a problem ? Yes. By late 2014, we had saved approximately 23,000 digital photos to our
hard drive. And this doesn't even include non-digital photos and
slides, which we have yet to count.
  Why ? We travel the world. Everywhere we go, we see the small wonders of nature.
Our photos capture those moments and allow us to share them with you.
  Wood ? A material which accompanies our creative work over many years. Intarsia work
was the most difficult and time-consuming work with this material.
  Oil/acrylic/graphic arts ? A very interesting field of activities.  
  Glass ? The most creative challenge we ever met. No restriction in the scope
for design and in 2.000 years the object appears the same as today.
  New ideas ? Our book of ideas is filled with ideas for painting, graphic arts and glass objects. Travel the world, make pictures and in the meantime we organize our next exhibition.  
  Exhibits ? (Almost) any time.  
  Do we sell our objects ? Yes (but not all).  
  born / dead / married ? Yes / not yet / since 34 years  
  Do we show our brand-new objects at our homepage ? No.